Higher Education In the Age of Transformation

In Partnership with the Gulf Futures Center

The world economy is changing and an estimated eighty percent of jobs that will exist in 2025 do not exist today. With youth unemployment in excess of fifty percent in some countries now, it is clear that the education system is not catering as it should, to the realities of the employment market.

Professors Without Borders in partnership with the Gulf Futures Center hosted a two-day workshop in London in September 2018. Bringing together key stakeholders and educators, the conference allowed participants to discuss how higher education can cater to the pedagogical needs of Generation Z and prepare them to integrate the job market, either as successful employees or entrepreneurs.

The workshop provided an opportunity for an engaging discussion on the intersection of higher education, business, politics and international development. The dialogue took a solution-oriented approach to better understand how we can deliver a relevant and quality educational program to students of the 21st century. Outputs include a written report available to the public through our websites and an edited volume that puts together the different aspects of the complex and fascinating challenge of shaping higher education for the future.

The conference took place over two days with 50 academic guests participating in six panels and two Q&A sessions. Each panel consisted of three to four speakers presenting for approximately 5-10 minutes each, with a moderator, followed by an open floor where the audience were active participants. There were also breakout sessions where participants became the speakers and debated matters openly.

This event took place on the 15th & 16th of September 2018 at the London School of Economics in the New Academic Building (NAB) room 206. 

With the generous support of The Gulf Futures Centre and Bridge the Gulf.


Conference Program


Conference Report