Publishing in Academia – Improving Access To Academic Publishing

On the 31st of May 2021, ThinkTank Without Borders held a webinar on Publishing in Academia as part of the Access in Higher Education Initiative. The webinar composed of two panels; How to Publish and Where followed by Tips and Tools for Academic Writing. The event aimed to improve opportunities and success rate for publishing in academia, particularly for under-represented academics in higher education.

The panelists included affiliates of internationally renowned academic publishers as well as educators with experience from various professional fields. Using the information the panelists provided, a toolkit for publishing in academia was also assembled, which can be referred to when looking to get work accepted for publication.

Panel 1 How to Publish and Where

Discussed the process of publishing i.e. How to assess the credibility of predatory journal, negotiating your contract, impact factors and what this means for first-time authors as well as some do’s and don’ts when submitting work for publication.

The panel also placed academic publishing within the wider political debate by bringing attention to some prevailing biases still rampant in publishing i.e., racial/cultural biases in the process of rejection and/or acceptance of publishing journals, the exclusion tactics of reputable journals in publishing based on cultural biases, and the problems with access to research between different countries and universities.

Panel 2 Tips and Tools for Academic Writing

Provided helpful tips and tools on how to meet the standards and criteria of publishing. It explained how to identify top-tier publishers, and hence the importance of considering and framing the impact of the work being submitted for publication, as well as discussed rejection rate. The panel also touched on some technicalities of writing i.e., the biggest challenges in trying to write academically, heeding the different methods of manuscript in top-tier journals, as well as the niches of mentoring.

Conference Report

A Toolkit for Publishing In Academia

Writing Workshop for Academics

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