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Past Conferences

Higher Education In the Age of Transformation

Professors Without Borders hosted our first conference, Higher Education in the Age of Transformation, at London School of Economics on September 15th and 16th 2018.

In Partnership with the Gulf Futures Center, Higher Education in the Age of Transformation brought together key stakeholders and educators to discuss how higher education can cater to the pedagogical needs of Generation Z and prepare them to integrate the job market, either as successful employees or entrepreneurs.

The conference featured 28 speakers representing a variety of backgrounds and institutions. Outputs from the event include a written report and a conference video available to the public through our websites.

Teaching Tech to Gen Z 

“Teaching Tech to Gen Z” was PROWIBO first student-led event in collaboration The German School and LSEIdeas, where participants in education, tech and research examined the ways in which education needs to adapt to address the needs of Generation Z in a changing world.

The event was open to the public and presented two-panel discussions. Panel one examined the challenges and opportunities of ‘Teaching Tech’, while Panel two focused on the social and mental wellbeing of young adults in the digital age.

“Teaching Tech to Gen Z” took place on 18 May 2019 at the German School London.

Outputs is the event include a written report and conference video available through our website.

Women, Development and Higher Education

The 2019 Prowibo conference on Women, Development and Higher Education, in partnership with Srinikarinwirot University and LSEIdeas, was held on July 2 in Bangkok. The conference brought together stakeholders from education, NGOs, businesses and policymakers to address the difficult questions of reaching gender parity and the role that higher education has to play in this process.

The dialogue took a solution-oriented approach. Each session produced practical solutions with clear action points. Outputs will include a written report available to the public through our websites, and an edited volume that puts together the different aspects of the complex and fascinating challenge of shaping higher education for the future.

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