Conference Reports

Deconolisation Discourse in 21st Century Higher Education

In collaboration with St. Mary’s University, this panel aimed to address the question ’What is decolonisation?’ As the panelists discussed, decolonisation involves the history of empire, domination, and the ongoing struggle for liberation. A key factor is highlighting marginalised and neglected stories. Decolonisation must use history as a tool to dismantle the current oppressive systems. Decolonisation looks at who, where, and what is taught to students in different parts of the world and why. 

Publishing in Academia: Improving Access to Academic Publishing

PROWIBO held the webinar ‘Improving Access to Academic Publishing’ held on 31 May 2021 as part of the Access to Education Initiative. The report presents findings from two panels: ‘How to Publish and Where’ and ‘Tips and Tools for Academic Publishing.’ This webinar aimed to improve opportunities and success rates for publishing in academia, particularly for under-represented communities of academics. The panelists included representatives of internationally renowned academic publishers as well as educators with experience from various professional fields. Using the information the panelists provided, Professors Without Borders released a toolkit for publishing in academia – which can be referred to when looking to get work accepted for publication.

Improving Women’s Retention in Higher Education

On 27th March 2021, Professors Without Borders held the online conference ‘Improving Women’s Retention in Higher Education.’ The goal of this conference was to discuss the unique barriers that face women in higher education settings. Composed of two panels, each followed by a Q&A, the first panel focused on the student side and the second panel focused on the faculty side. The panelists discussed the importance of the recruitment process for women, which is often male-dominated. They also pointed out that leadership skills in higher education are often lacking for women, as focusing on women as leaders are generally not taught at a young age and can have lifelong consequences.

Rebooting STEM: New Era, New Curriculum

In collaboration with, Lecturers Without Borders, this conference aimed to discuss aspects of STEM research that were traditionally neglected, yet have proved particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic: soft skills, ethics and credibility. It was divided into 2 panels of 3 experts, each panel lasting 1 hour. The panels started with a short (7-minute) introduction by each of the panellists in which they describe their background and expertise, followed by a 40-minute Q&A with the moderators and the audience.

Watch the full conference, courtesy of Lecturers Without Borders here

Improving Access in Higher Education: How to Dismantle Barriers Faced By Black Talent in Academia

Taking place online on the 28th of August 2020, with the two panels composed of higher education faculty and professionals from around the world, this conference invited Black members of the wider academic community to shine a light on their higher education experience and share the impact of under-representation and discrimination on their research and career aspirations. The first panel aimed to identify and resolve issues of discrimination in higher education institutions. The second panel featured women in various occupations from three different continents, who examined how gender and race bias hinder academic progression.

Higher Education in the Time of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities of Online Learning

Taking place online on the 26th of June 2020, this conference brought lecturers and students from around the world to share with each other the challenges each have faced in adapting to a new teaching environment. In the first panel, lecturers from universities in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa shared the difficulties they encountered, and how they expected to adapt to the 2020-2021 academic term. The second panel addressed the students’ experience with online education, their expectations and hopes, and advice on how to successfully engage with online educational tools in a very competitive cyberspace.

Women, Development and Higher Education

This conference took place on 2 July 2019 at Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand. This female-focused conference featuring all-female panellists produced practical solutions with clear action points highlighting the different aspects of the complex and fascinating challenge of shaping higher education for the future. Through three panelled discussions, speakers suggested ways to achieve gender parity in higher education, offered different tools, technologies and techniques to enhance educational experiences for women, and proposed thoughts to extend beyond teaching. 

Teaching Tech to Generation Z

This conference took place on Saturday 18 May 2019 at the German School in London, England. The student-led conference offered a solution-oriented dialogue where participants in education, tech and research examined the ways in which education needs to adapt to address the needs of Generation Z in a changing world. Through two panel discussions, speakers examined a variety of topics including the challenges and opportunities of ‘Teaching Tech’ and social and mental well-being of young adults in the digital age. 

Higher Education in the Age of Transformation

The first-ever conference report presents the key findings from Higher Education in the Age of Transformation and each of the panel discussions. Over the two day conference, panellists covered a variety of topics including Development, Health and Education, Skills and Indicators for Employment in the 21st Century Job Market, Technology and Teaching Generation Z, The Role of Academic Innovation, Challenging the Status Quo in Education, Higher Education and Entrepreneurship, and Building Bridges in Higher Education.