Press Releases

April-June 2019

Professors Without Borders Publishes Second Book Review

New Study from Professors Without Borders Examines the Impact of Stereotypes on Academic Performance

Announcing New Partnership with LSE Ideas

January-March 2019

Professors Without Borders Publishes First Book Review

Announcing Partnership with Lecturers Without Borders (ScieEd Network)

October-December 2018

Carrier Announces Its Support of Professors Without Borders

New Study Reveals the Impact of Faculty Diversity on Graduation Rates

Professors Without Borders Publishes First Conference Report

July-September 2018

Passing the Baton of Gender Equality

Announcing Partnership with Alhambra-U.S. Chamber

New Study Reveals How to Improve Student Performance Using Behavioural Science

April-June 2018

New Report Evaluates the Impact of Ebola on Higher Education in Sierra Leone

Ahead the Curve: Prowibo Focusing on Women’s Higher Education

Announcing Partnership with Gulf Futures Centre