Confirmed Panelists

With the September workshop approaching very quickly, we wanted to formally announce all of that panelists that we have confirmed! Wael Aburida Panel 5: Building Bridges Wael Aburida has over twenty years of experience inContinue reading

Profile: Research Associate Gabriel Inchausti

Determinants of Academic Performance, A Behavioural Science Approach, by Gabriel Inchausti Our second publication, by Gabriel Inchausti examines how teachers can utilise behavioural  science approaches to make students more effective learners. Gabriel Inchausti graduated in EconomicsContinue reading

Press Release – June 2018

“Ahead of the Curve: Prowibo Focusing on Women’s Higher Education”   Professors Without Borders is proud to announce that two of our four international summer schools are exclusively for women.   Professors Without Borders isContinue reading

Panelist Spotlight

With such an exciting agenda coming up for the workshop in September, we wanted to take the time to spotlight some of our very impressive panelists, with more to be featured in the future! JamesContinue reading