Book Reviews

Welcome to our Book Reviews page, which launched in March 2019.  We are delighted to offer this growing collection that examines how academia addresses the changing landscape of higher education around the world.

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Book Reviews

Visible Learning For Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning. John Hattie. Routledge. 2009.  

In his review Gabriel Inchausti examines how John Hattie in Visible Learning For Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning seeks to answer, what techniques can teachers use to actually improve learning and what matters most?

The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Shaping the World. Ben Wildavsky. Princeton University Press. 2012.

In her review of The Great Brain Race by Ben Wildavsky, Mary Sullivan explores Wildavsky’s detailed account of how global universities competing to recruit talented students have created a global marketplace for higher education.

Democratização do Ensino Superior no Brasil. Raimundo Nonato da Silva. 1st ed. Appris Editora. 2018.

In her review of ​Democratização do Ensino Superior no Brasil ​ by Raimundo Nonato da Silva Filho, Samara Zauhy seeks to answer whether higher education in Brazil has been truly democratised.